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A trip to 2 Virginia Caves

Antique Car Museum at Luray Caverns


A visit to two Caves in mid-state Virginia
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A Drive through the VA mountains
Skyline Caverns
Luray Caverns
Antique Car Museum

A part of the Luray Caverns complex was a surprisingly well stocked museum of antique cars and carrages.

The entry to the Museum.
"1727 Berlin Coupe De Gala Carrage"
"1727 Berlin Coupe De Gala Carrage"
"1810 Virginia Freight Waggon"
"1810 Virginia Freight Waggon"
"1840-1850 Road Coach"
"1860 Panel Boot Victoria"
"1869 Dexter Velocipede"
"1869 Dexter Velocipede" In the forground, a very early bicycle.
"1892 Benz - Vis-a-Vis - This is one of the oldest automobiles on display in the Unites States. Although there were earlier experimental and custom-made automobiles, this was one of the very first cars produced in any quantity for resale. It is an ancestor of the present day mercedes Benz. The first Benz was built by karl Benz in 1885 and was a three-wheeler." 5 Horsepower from a 1-cylendar, water cooled, gasoline engine. Made in Mannheim, Germany.
"1896 Peugeot"
"1903 Speedwell"
1903 Knox & 1904 Oldsmobile
1903 Winton
1904 Cadillac
1906 Cadillac
1906 Cadillac again, and some others.
1906 Ford
1906 Schacht
1907 Buick (& low right forground, an early tirepump, the "Backbreaker"
1907 International Autowagon
1908 Sears Autobuggy
1908 Delaunay Belleville
1908 Lezebre & 1905 Riley
1908 Baker Electric with 1906 Elmore Engine in foreground. "This is a three cylinder engine with a two stroke design. No valves are used. Instead fuel is directly injected into the cylinders and exhausted by ports in the cylender wall. It's timing is by a device known as the Rotary ??? Blade". A strong selling point for these engines was that the fact that it had only 3 moving parts per cylinder while a 4 cylinder, 4 stroke had 31 per cylender. Note the sweeping, highly efficient exhaust header.
1909 Middleby
"1910-1920 SHALER VULCANIZER - To people who remember the 'Good Old days of Motoring' the most outstanding memory is of a great abundance of tire trouble. This typical vulcanizer of that period used gasoline a sfuel to make sterm, which, in turn, heated the vulcanizing surfaces to the proper temperature. Here we see in process a ripped inner tube and a blown-out tire, all ready to have heat applied for vulcanizing. The gasoline was fed to the burner by gravity from the small tank on top."
1910 Buick
1910 Maxwell
1911 Hupmobile
1912 Hudson
1912 Metz
1912 Ford Truck - Model "T"
1913 Stanley (Steamer)
1913 International Autowagon & 1915 Chevrolet Engine
1914 Locomobile
1915 era cars
1923 Stutz engine and 1916 Oldsmobile engine
1927 Mercedes Benz
1928 Packard
1925 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Town Car (Owned by Rudolph Valentino)
1925 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Town Car (Owned by Rudolph Valentino)
1927 Bugatti
1929 Ford Model "A"
1930 Cord
1930 Cord
1931 Pierce Arrow
1931 Ford Model "A"
1930s cars
1935 cars
1935 Hispano Suiza
1941 Lincoln "This very unusual and beautifully made Lincoln is the only one of this type ever built. It was custom-designed and built for the late Edsel Ford. The interior of the seven-passenger body is equipped with intercom and buzzer systems, extremely deep soft carpeting and upholstery." 120 hp, 12-cylender, water-cooled, gasoline engine.
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