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The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum - Christmas in Washington DC

The family comes to visit and tour the city!
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The Spriit of St. Louis
Note that this aircraft does NOT have a front window! To stear, Charles Lindbergh used instruments, or a periscope that poked out the other side.

In the background, you can see the orange jet is the X-1 (see other pictures)
Down below the Spirit is a thin black aircraft, the X-15.

Magellan T. Bear, a globe trotting teddy bear, who has gone around the world, undersea, to the South Pole, with the Blue Angeles, and on a Space Shuttle flight.

The very wide, very short and very wierd looking aircraft above the Welcome Desk is the Voyager. It completed the first nonstop, non-refueled flight around the world.
This thin black aircraft is the X-15. This research aircraft flew faster and higher than any other airplane.
A Nazi V2 "Buzz Bomb" in the center-foerground. Behind them is a Soviet Union SS-20 missile and to it's right a Pershing-II (US) ICBM.
Close up of the X-15
This experimental jet is the X-1. This is the actual plane that was flown by Chuck Yeager when for the first time the sound barrier was broken.

This experimental aircraft is called a Lifting Body, as the entire vehicle is shaped to act as a wing.

The Hubble Telescope - how the mirror was made ...
The Hubble backup mirror, (or rather the backup backing)
A plack that shows just how big a number 1 Billion is ...

Micah in Infra Red!
another picture of Micah in Infra Red
This is the backup Skylab orbital workshop, the largest component of America's first space station. It was not used in space because the Skylab program was canceled after one space station as effort shifted to Space Shuttle development.
Skylab was intended to be a temporary--not a permanent--presence in space. Abandoned in 1974, it reentered Earth's atmosphere in July 1979.
More of backup Skylab orbital workshop.
The Skylab main hallway.
The Skylab, looking up to the upper sections.
The Skylab shower
Looking back at the Skylab main hall.

Apollo Command Module for Skylab 4
Apollo 11 - Command Module Hatch

Mercury Spacecraft Freedom 7 - Astronaut Alan B. Shepard made the first U.S. piloted spaceflight in this spacecraft on May 5, 1961.
Lunar lander - explorer Surveyor.
Viking Mars lander
Apollo-Soyuz test project
Nazi rocket, V-2
Explorer II - the capsule on November 11, 1935 that set a world record altitude of 22,066 kilometers (72,395 feet).

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