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New Orleans Visit

An excursion on the SteamShip Natchez

Looking down-river, the red ship is a Cable-Laying ship, (lays telephone cables, see the big spools in the back?). Also coming up-river is the ferryboat.

The ferryboat comes closer.

This ship, the Cajun Queen, also does river tours.
This ship takes passengers from the Aquarium up-river to the Zoo and back. Unfortunately, it was undergoing maintenance and not being operated.
Looking upriver, see the Carnival Cruse Ship Sensation?
Looking upriver while standing on the river ferry.
A tug getting "a tire change". It is getting a propeller replaced. See the new one lying on the barge in the foreground and to the right?
The old part of town, taken across the river from the ferry. Center is the New Orleans Cathedral, at the far end of Jackson Square.

Taking the river tour down river, off to the left are the docs.

A navy ship.
This ship has a built-in rear ramp.
The Antartica gets supplies.
A sugar refinery.

Oil refinery.

The pistons of the Natchez.

The two boilers, "Thelma" and "Louise".

This tug was just sitting there, pushing the barges so they didn't move. Other barges were being brought over and added to the string.

An old ship repair crane.
The Downtown Bridges, seen in the distance, looking over the loop of land around which the river bends.

This is a cruse-barge. The back barge is all rooms, and the front barge is the restaurant, rec rooms, etc.

Look to the left of the trees and you will see the top of a yellow building. That is the Mardi Gras World warehouse and factory.

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