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New Orleans Visit

World War II's
D-Day Museum

New Orleans reciently opened up a pretty good museum for WW2, with some focus on the DD invaison of Europe.
This was painted on the side of a building across the street from the DD Museum. (The signature bottom left: "A Reproduction by Sheriff Foty's Prison Art Program)
anti-tank weopons
machine guns
heavy machine gun
the other side of the anti-tank guns

The DD Plan
The pre-DD airborn attach plan
The code machine Germany thougth was impossible to crack, but was by the English (after a good start by the Poles).

Radio dropped to the Resistance.
Mock-up of troop glider after crash-landing in France.
note the jeep inside!
a model of 1 of every type of plane and ship used during the DD invasion.
A "hedgerow" mockup, showing how dense a wall the plants formed, (If you look close, you can see a couple of rifle barrels poking out!)
Some of the medical inventions of WW2.
New Orleans was the home of the inventor and builder of many of the smaller war boats, like the landing craft you see Marines use to storm beaches, or the small but fast PT boats.

A telegraph on how great the first testing of the Higgins landing craft went while presenting it to the Navy.

This is what the Higgens boat evolved into.
Different Higgens boats developed for WW2.
The PT boat.
This is a copy of the regulation that was passed to imprision Japanese and Japanese decended US citizens.
The story of the 5 brothers who all died from the same battle. Later refered to in the movie Saving Private Ryan as the reason for doing so.
Japanese propaganda against the westerners

Most common used Japaneese heavy machine gun.
Japaneese rifles

US Heavy machine gun (note water cooling system)

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