A trip to the Zoo

The Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, DC

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A trip to the Smithsonian National Zoo, in Northern Washington DC.

"I taut I taw a puddy tat!"
Lounging in the shade (it was 85 today)

Look, up there ... in the sky. What a Big Bird! (axtually two).
I didn't get a long view of them but from the location and their types, this one could be Marine One!


The elephant's "swimming hole" .. and there having a GREAT time is the baby.

A built-in snorkel. What a convenience!
Mama, about to go inside.
Baby again, splish splashing
Baby, out of the bath. Look quickly! You'll not see him this clean again.
He starts to cover himself with sand. SPF-10,000 is a good sunblock (and insect-block too).

Not a tossed off carpet, but a camel!
Want a job as dentist?
A cool little stream and waterfall along the walk-path.

The Otters. I just love the Otters!

He's pretty well hidden, but there in the center, above the rock, is a Mexican Wolf
Grey Seal

Next, I go to the "Amazonia" exhibit. An indoor display of a hot and humid outdoors. (It was kind of wierd, walking from the hot sunny outside through the main enterance where inside, it got hotter and way more humid!)

River rays

just a picture of all the plants, inside this huge and hot building.

WHAT in the world is this "blob"????

Dead center of the photo is one of the monkies, that ran free inside the Amazonia building
A plack on one of the hallways.
A work of "art". A beetle, made of many, many beetles!

Peek a Boo! This trantula sees you!
And on the way out. I just couldn't resist this picture of "urban life". It is a bicycle, suitable for a very VERY small boy, but secured with a "club".