Wings of Freedom - 08-2003; Fredrick, MD

Ed & Mitch go to an airshow

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Welcome to the Wings of Freedom airshow, 2003, Fredrick, MD

P-38 Lightning (my favorite WW-II airplane)

What's that in the sky? It's tiny, It's LOUD!

Grumman US2-B

Looking down the taxiway

This is a WW-2 carrier based figher, I think a Hellcat.

The way it's wings fold up is so Cool! (and see the machine gun?)

A cute little SUV, eh? (Note the Vulcan MiniGun for tailgaters)

Another view down the taxiway

This is a WW2 carrier Dive Bomber, the Dauntless, I think.

This is a WW2 torpedo bomter, an Avenger

Insde the fuselage of the Avenger

Looking up at the cockpit.

The "Best plane" from WW2, and the Best Fighter (Prop) overall --- The P-51 Mustang!

A WW2 B-25 medium range bomber.

My friend Mitch, beside the B-25

Looking up inside the B-25's bomb bay

There is that noisy little thing in the distance again, What is it? It's a radio controlled Jet! - a model of a Danish VeriViggin

Another B-25 (cute nose art!)

The other side of the B-25

The Safety / Rescue station for the air show.

A Japaneese Figher! (actually a different plane made up to look right)

A Seguay! (not an airplane, but still cool!)

A WW2 Japaneese dive bomber "Val"

Some of the Radio Controlled plans on display, (that didn't fly) - this is a B-17

One of the RC planes that didn't make it! (Note the engine just above and to the right of the wheel? Packed in dirt!

an RC of a WW2 German Stuka

RC of a P-38

Different RC P-38

RC of a WW2 figher. (Wildcat?)

RC of a P-47 Thunderbolt (from the China Flying TIgers)

RC of a German WW2 fighter, (Folk Wolf?)

RC of a navy WW2 plane (Avenger?)

RC of a WW2 Corsair fighter

Other side of the Corsair

2 more RC planes

and RC of a Jet. (I couldn't tell if it had an engine)

RC of a plane (trainer?)

RC of a Vietnam era observation plane, an O-2

This is Not a Toy! It is an RC plane with markings indicating it was a DOD experimental plane.

RC helicopter, in flight!

A Glider takes off (to be seen later)

Parachute jumpers to start the show

A couple of biplanes circle the jumpers

A parachute jumper in the distance, and below, one of the biplanes is about to crash into my finger.

Here is the glider back again. Doing air-ballet

Here is one of MANY planes, mostly WW2, that take off all together and circle the field.

The sky is getting FULL! (there were 14 all at the same time!)

The ONLY jet-powered biplane in the WORLD!!!!!

It takes off with a LOUD ROAR!

A biplane, with a jet engine roaring, upside down?

This plane uses it's jet to roar into TIGHT turns and way tall climbs.

See the intake? Just below the "normal" prop engine, (that is also running)

Showman! He spinns around and surrounds himself with smoke!

A bystander has stolen a plane!

He accidently got it into the air!

He is "flying' it all over the place.

He lands it, and turns out to be a comic-stunt flyer over 70 years old, (and a VERY good pilot!)

A Search And Rescue Coast Guard chopper, demonstrates hoisting up someone who needs rescuing.

A gyrocopter. (A sort-of helicopter. The moter is on a pusher-propeller, and the prop above has no power.)

He's turned off his engine, and quietly (and safetly) autorotates (hover/decends) to the ground.

Something in the distance. It is Loud. It is BIG

It gets nearer.


It's a B-52 Stratofortress.

An explosion! (a surprise pryotechnic simulation bomb!) Surprised me!

The smoke ring from the "bomb" !!!

Two really large helicopters

That P-38 we saw on the way in.

A commercially sold Gyrocopter

Cute! (the nose art!)

The other gyrocopter, (A Benson)

On the windshield "Flying Fortress"